I’m Lilia Weinroth, 32, and this is my little spot on the internet to share my gluten-free recipes with you.

I have started this blog because I was so tired and depressed with my full-time job as an analyst at different financial institutions. Even with my BA degree in economics, I had no interest in this field and I was miserable. As I lest my job it took me some time to understand what I want and to find my direction. 

The one thing I knew, I love cooking and food. I can’t think of something I don’t like to eat. Food was always my delight and comfort.

I was born in Russia in 1987 and that was before the fall of the Iron Curtain. In that period there was a shortage of basic food supplies. As a child in the late 80’s I experienced some Queue-standing with my mom (or breadlines). That was an important part of life in the USSR. Luckily, my mom is very creative in the kitchen and could cook a treat out of nothing. In 1991 we literally ran from falling USSR to Israel, where many cultures meet and there weren’t any queues! As a result, our family menu expanded bur eastern Europe dishes kept being a big part of us..

In 2018 my daughter have been diagnosed with Celiac disease. It was a big shock to us, but as a mom that loves being in the kitchen and cook tasty and nutritious food, I have started to think about new gluten-free recipes. I have decided that my daughter’s food restrictions won’t limit us.

This blog is a result of my passion in life, to make people happy while tasting my food and share it with you!

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