Gluten-Free Strawberry Layer Cake is a fun cake for strawberry season, made with almond flour layers, strawberry filling and heavy cream frosting!

Gluten-Free strawberry layer cake
Gluten-Free strawberry layer cake

Last week I celebrated my 33rd birthday. Usually, I bake my own cake but I didn’t know which one. 

I saw beautiful strawberries in the grocery store and decided to bake a cake with a lot of strawberries. Perfect for the season!

For dessert I like absolutely everything- chocolate, heavy whipped cream, sponge layers, you name it. Oh, and there was a childhood memory of cakes with strawberry jello made by my mom.

I wanted the cake will be high and with gluten-free cakes, it’s not that simple, but totally possible! For instance, there are several steps here and I recommend to divide the preparations for two days if possible.

Preparing the layers – It is best using a standing mixer. Divide the egg whites and yolks into two bowls. First, whisk egg whites and then the yolks combining it together later. The flours we add are corn starch and almond flour, they will “hold” the cake.      Also, I separate the batter to cocoa layer and vanilla layer, but you don’t have to do this if you don’t want a cocoa layer.  

Whipped cream – True, there is a lot of heavy whipped cream here, this cake is not from weight watcher’s menu. The amount of whipped cream allows us to make the cake high and impressive. I love to use heavy cream and mix it with vanilla pudding powder in a mixer.

Strawberry jelly – It is also not mandatory to add this layer if you don’t like it. It is possible to simply spread some strawberries between the layers. I absolutely love the sourness and juiciness this jelly provides. 

So the order from the bottom up is: cake; strawberry; cream; cake; strawberry; cream; cake; strawberries; cream; cake; cream (frost the top and sides with remaining frosting).

This cake is pretty and easy enough, even for someone who isn’t a cake expert.

20200130_121420 (1)
Egg whites mixing
עיצוב ללא שם (80)
Starting to assembly
עיצוב ללא שם (79)
Putting the cocoa layer
עיצוב ללא שם (83)
Jello layer
עיצוב ללא שם (81)
Ready to decorate
Gluten-Free strawberry layer cake
Just heaven

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