Quick and easy simple gluten-free cake, based on buttermilk. Made with only alternative flours. To get kids attention, there’s a hidden surprise in it!

Gluten-free buttermilk cake with a surprise

Buttermilk is the main ingredient in my kitchen. It’s lower in fat than milk and actually does not contain any butter in it. Its texture is tangy and thick and has a sour taste.

I have Russian roots and buttermilk is an important ingredient in the Russian kitchen (it is called ‘Kefir” in Russian). It adds flavor and makes moist, rich pancakes, cakes, casseroles and even soups!

Personally, I love to pour the buttermilk in a glass (it’s like a yogurt drink), add some granola and have it as a healthy snack. it is really good for digestion thanks to the beneficial bacteria it contains.

Which gluten-free flours will we use to combine with buttermilk?

Each gluten-free flour will behave nicely with buttermilk. But my target was to bake a cake as healthy as I can so I have used these flours:

  1. Amaranth flour- it is low in carbs and calories and I’m using it for cakes. casseroles and cookies.
  2. Rice flour- is helps cakes to be “tender”
  3. Almond flour- adds softness to pastries.

The result is fluffy and melt-in-your-mouth cake.

Do I have to add chocolates to the cake?

No. I added it to the cake to be more appealing for my kids. You could do without it.

If you don’t want to use Baci, you can use Hershey’s kisses for example.

The mixture


Placing the chocolates in a row




Gluten-free buttermilk cake with a surprise

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